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Yaruga Picnic Area – A view over Gosford

Yaruga picnic area is a popular spot in the Rumbalara Reserve above Gosford. It serves as a starting point for many bush walks within the reserve and is also often busy with picnickers.

My intention today was to spend a few hours investigating a couple of the walks, Casuarina and Flannel Flowers walk and to take some pictures of the scenery. In particular there are some statues of early explorers which I wanted to photograph.

Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and I could see as I set off that it was not going to happen. When I arrived the rain had eased but something told me it was temporary so I stuck close to the carpark and enjoyed the fresh air.

It was good to see that, regardless of the weather, there were others who were out enjoying the area with me. Nobody was on the trails that I could see but about twenty cars were parked in the bays and people were wandering around admiring the views.

The picnic area itself is very well maintained by the local council with broad paved areas and very clean paths and steps to make it easy for everybody to enjoy the space.

There are a few free electric barbecues available for use and plenty of tables to accomodate picnickers. This would be a great spot for a shady family picnic in the summer months as the tree canopy would provide adequate shade to keep everyone comfortable.

There is also a very sturdy looking toilet block that looked equally well serviced and a water filling station which are becoming very popular these days.

I took a short walk down one of the tracks and was surprised how many benches have been installed as rest areas. I am sure many people come up to Rumbalara Reserve to sit on these seats, look out over the views below and contemplate.

I didn’t get my walk today but still had a good time. If the rain goes away tomorrow I will be back.

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