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A walk to Strickland Falls, Somersby

This afternoon we had a very pleasant stroll through Strickland State Forest visiting Strickland Falls. The weather was quite mild, around 14 degrees centigrade, but fortunately the trail has quite a few hills and we soon warmed up.

We parked the car at the trail head next to the Banksia Picnic Area where some visitors were making use of the fire pits provided to stay warm. Our plan was to combine the Cabbage Tree Loop track with the Strickland Falls track, a total of around 4kms.

The walk itself begins in a eucalyptus forest and quickly descends into a rainforest environment with cabbage tree palms and birds nest ferns on both sides. The track is quite narrow for much of the way with a few loose rocks and fallen branches to negotiate. Once below the cliff line there are some marvellous pockets of vegetation in the shaded valley with some wonderfull old trees towering toward the sun.

Many of the trees were strung with vines climbing their way up to the canopy above.

When we got to the falls it was barely running more than a trickle. Not disappointing really because we had spent an hour or so wandering through the forest taking in the atmosphere.

From the falls back to the picnic ground was only about 600 meters, beginning with a moderately steep climb up a set of rough cut stone steps. We emerged from here into a grove of Gymea lilies, their flowers standing a good 10 to 15 feet off the ground then back out into the eucalypt forest. All in all, a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

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